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Meet Chairman & CTO
Dr. V. Udaya Sankar

I completed my PhD from the ECE Department at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, M.Tech from IIT, Roorkee and B. Tech (ECE) from Sree Vidyanikethan Engineering college, A. Rangampet (Tirupati). I have 4+ years of industrial work experience. Currently working as Assistant Professor in ECE Department at SRM University, AP 

What we do

We do patent Related project works

We are a Research  & Product Oriented startup ventured in Incubator Cell, SRM University AP 

Various defect detection algorithms are proposed in the literature that uses either image processing enabled reference based methods or Deep Learning based non-reference based methods. OMACS is developing algorithms that uses an alternative approach for feature extraction that considers image matrix properties (patented work) and uses traditional Machine Learning (ML) algorithms that predicts various defects in PCB via classification.

" The key to artificial intelligence has always been the representation "
Jeff Hawkins

Focus Areas

Advanced Wireless Communications

Visual Inspection Systems

Natural Language Processing


  • Advanced Wireless Communications (4G/5G/6G)
    • User Scheduling and Resource allocation for AI-Native E2E Stack: AI enabled game theory mechanism
  • Visual Inspection systems
    • Mobile assisted decentralized attendance system
    • Road crack detection 
    • Plant disease prediction
    • PCB Defect detection
  • NLP
  • Robotics
    • Agricultural Robotics

Meet People Behind Omacs

Lalit Chaudhary


Prathyusha Guduru

Gayathri Lakshmi




Dr. Krishnanand Kaipa

Narasimhan Sundararajan

YJ Rao

Vishnu Ram

Dr. R Murali Prasad

V. Vadivelu Reddy


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